• Inspire and excite investors about your company's future

  • Maximize your fundraising potential

  • Overcome fear of rejection and gain confidence in your pitch

Self-Paced Interactive Course

Get the guidance, tools, and resources to create an Investor Pitch Deck that demonstrates the viability of your business or idea. Take your business a step further by fine-tuning your pitch according to your startup stage.

  • Video lessons with transcripts

  • Presentation slides

  • Quizzes and assignments

  • Downloadable Pitch Deck Template with instructions


Master the pitch deck elements and clearly communicate your startup's potential


Hello, I am Christos, the founder of Emerging Humanity

My goal is to help entrepreneurs build companies that align with their personal values and our collective needs. Entrepreneurship is a path, not a destination. Successful startups need founders that have a strong foundation themselves. Emerging Humanity offers training & resources that support entrepreneurs on their journey. We can help you improve your skills and make better decisions for your startup!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Intro

    • Preview, About Christos & Emerging Humanity

    • Pitch Deck Secrets Introduction

    • Assignment - Emerging Humanity Community

  • 2

    Chapter 1- Pitch Deck Basics

    • Pitch Deck Basics

    • Pitch Deck Basics

    • Quiz

  • 3

    Chapter 2- Idea vs Fundable Business

    • From Idea to Business

    • The Business Equation

    • Idea vs Fundable Business

    • Quiz

    • Assignment - Introduce Your Business

  • 4

    Chapter 3- Creating a Pitch Deck

    • Pitch Deck Overview

    • Product

    • Assignment - Vision, Audience, Problem, Solution

    • Market

    • Assignment - Business Model, Market Analysis, Competition

    • Operations

    • Assignment - Go-to-Market Strategy, Channels, Traction

    • Resources

    • Assignment - Team, Financial Projections, Capital Needed

    • Creating a Pitch Deck

    • Quiz

    • Pitch Deck Survey

  • 5

    Chapter 4 Pitch Deck and Startup Stage

    • Fine-Tuning the Pitch Deck

    • Survey (Startup Stage):

    • How to Proceed

    • Stage A: Pre-MVP

    • Stage B: MVP to Market Fit

    • Stage C: Post- Market Fit (Growth)

    • Fine-Tuning the Pitch Deck

    • Assignment - Fine-Tuning Your Pitch Deck

  • 6

    Chapter 5 Summary

    • Key Takeaways

    • Next Steps

    • [BONUS] Assignment - Finding Investors

    • Summary

    • What did you think of the course?

  • 7


    • Full Presentation PDF

    • Emerging Humanity Pitch Deck Template

    • Additional Resources


Use the tips in this course and our free template to deliver a winning presentation


Andy Bangash, Founder/CEO, SAPE

“Christos is very encouraging and motivates you during the difficult times by bringing forward that passion you have towards your work.”

Anneta Zafeiroudi, Owner, Anneta's House

“I truly recommend Christos and his program to anyone interested in startups. It is the best investment you can make for yourself and your business!”

Cathy Sartorio, Entrepreneur

“Christos offered clear guidance and efficient tools to get to the heart of a startup's needs. I really appreciate his attentive listening and the clarity of his responses adapted to the audience needs.”

David Silva, Cofounder/CEO, Yrbookit

“Christos is the person who comes to mind when I think of the word "mentor". He gives personalized, thoughtful, and honest guidance. His veteran insights pinpoint paths to success that are hidden in plain sight.”